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Difference between Download and Open in COTG app and when Workflow would have a log entry

  • Workflow send a document pointer to the Capture OnTheGo Repository.
    • There is an entry in the ppw log reflecting publishing the document pointer
    • Document life is set to 45 days
  • COTG App downloads a document
    • Is there any entry in the ppw log or is this just between the COTG App and the Repository?
  • COTG App opens a document
    • There is an entry in the ppw log reflecting downloading the HTML
    • If the COTG app returns a message that the document is no longer available and there is no delete entry in the ppw log, then what options are there to explain what occurred?


COTG App downloads a document = There is no entry in Workflow since it is between the the Repository and the COTG app.

Please explain: “COTG app returns a message that the document is no longer available”

What exactly did you do, step by step, to get that message…Is it still happening? Can we log as you through the app to see it?


At best, I’m getting the information 3rd hand. The phrase that I received was "Simply went to retrieve a document from repository and got a error message stating it was no longer available. ". I’m guessing that the document as accidentally deleted and then they attempted to open it up before a refresh occurred.

In the past the COTG app will display a popup message if the document was deleted by the workflow in between the COTG App screen refresh times. In this circumstance the workflow didn’t delete the document from the repository, so it had to be initiated from the COTG App or Repository. I don’t have anyway to document what occurred.


If you don’t have any logs of this in Workflow, it then means that it wasn’t delete by Workflow.

Could be that the end of life of the form in the repository was reached and the repository simply deleted the form.

Could be a circumstance of trying to get the form to the app while it shows in the list and reached the end of life.

Unfortunately, there is no logs of this on the COTG server as well.

However, should it happen again, I suggest you open a technical support call at 1-866-348-5863 or through our website.


The document life is set to 45 days and the document was brand new so it would have a lot of time left. I’ve received the email of the operator and have requested additional information regarding the error message, the sequence used to get the error message and if they are still experiencing the issue.

Like I said, they probably accidentally deleted the document and then they attempted to open it up before a refresh occurred and was still in their list of documents to open. If it re-occurs or is still happening then I’ll open up a case.


The end user stated that he went to the repository from the COTG app (iPad v10.5) to retrieve a document and received an error message “999” and that the document was no longer available.

The customer has confirmed that this has not happened since the original incident.