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Directory Location As Variable In Workflow

Hi, Is there a way I can get the full path to the location of my hotfolder as a variable in the workflow?

Hi @Filemon,
I suppose that by hotfolder you mean the full path to the folder added to the Folder list input field of a Folder Capture Workflow plugin? Please note that–in case the answer on the previous question is “yes”–this value is assigned to the Job Info Variable 1 after the Folder Capture Workflow plugin has been executed successfully.

%1 - Source File Name. Contains the file name (including the path and extension) of the file name that is captured.

Source: ‘Folder Capture - PReS Workflow 2021.2 User Guide’

Thank you very much!

It is not visable in debugger under %1, is that correct?

You’re using the Folder Capture plugin as Input plugin, isn’t it? Please note that the Input plugin will be skipped when you run a Workflow process in Debug mode.

So I build a workflow as if it was there even though I dont see it in debugger modus?

You can also duplicate the first task while debugging (so that task #1 and task #2 are identical). This will allow you to better simulate the final process. Just make sure to delete that second task before sending your process to the Workflow service.

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