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Do not print element on last page

I went to look on the read only forum for PP Suite and it is no long at the link provided.

I need to have an element not print on a last page of an over flow document. It says “Please see next page” on the bottom of the page. I have the page set up as an overflow repeat page so I do not know how many pages there will be.

Hope this makes sense.

Thank you,

Make sure the object is after the one which holds the line repeat triggering the overflow (in order in the tree list).

Then set its condition as follow: = &current.overflowing

That worked perfectly. Thank you!

Note also that there was a glitch in our web site redirection process that prevented the legacy PP Suite forums from being accessible. That has now been fixed.

Great news. Thank you. I had a feeling my question was already answered there. I appreciate the updates.