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Document ID in COTG repository

Where is the Document ID? I want to delete the document in the repository after submit but I don’t find the correct document id. Is it the document name?

Thank you

Open the Output To COTG task and select the Advanced tab.
The field Store the result ID in variable allows you store the Document ID into a variable or a JobInfo. You can then use that variable in the Delete COTG Document task.

Good, good! Do the system generate an unique doc id for each Output to COTG? Or for each form/job in the workflow. Example: if I output the dococument on two COTG user. Do I need two Delete COTG document task and two variables.

Thank you

Each document has its own unique ID, regardless of how many users it is intended for.
So if you create a new document intended for 10 users, it will have a single ID. When you delete that single ID, it deletes it for all 10 users.

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