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DocuWare connector questions

A Docuware license is consumed when the plugin is used. What is not known, is the behavior of the plugin and license usage when multiple docs are sent to DocuWare.

  • When plugin is used, how long does PlanetPress keep the login alive?
  • Does the plugin perform a “logout” afterwards?
    o Even if it does there is 2 minute holdover of the license.

The plugin opens a connection before each file upload and closes immediately after the file has been submitted to Docuware. So the connection is kept alive just as long as it takes to upload the file and get an acknowledgement from the server.

I don’t know about a 2-minute holdover of the license, though. Could it be that’s a Docuware Server setting?

Correct, the 2 minute hold over on the license is on the Docuware side.