Does not seem to be a valid configuration file

I’m trying to import a process from a workflow file from connect 2021 into 2023, but when I select the file I get a message saying “… does not seem to be a valid configuration file.”.

The config is fine as it’s currently running live work through it and we’ve imported lots of jobs previously from it but it just won’t work with my current workflow I have. Anyone got any ideas?

Just an update, if I create a whole new config then it imports fine. So guessing it’s not anything to so with the 2021 config but my 2023 one. Question is how do I fix this as need all the other stuff in my 2023 workflow file

Try the following:

Open the 2021 file in Workflow. Delete all processes except the one you want to import. Then save the file under a different name. Back in 2023, try importing that new file which only contains a single process.

Thanks I’ll try that, but if that works does that mean I need to do that everytime I want to import something?

Getting out of memory when I’m trying to do delete :see_no_evil:, we have over 150 processes all in groups and have to delete each group one at a time as it doesn’t seem to work if you highlight them all and press delete

Yeah I can’t delete everything as get so far and then out of memory

You can try to edit your workflow config file in Notepad++ (or any other text editor). It is a xml file, so you can search for your process (<Process> node) and delete everything else you do not need.
But be careful, there are a lot of “Process” matches if you only search for it. And also to be noted, within the <SubProcessList> are also <Process> nodes!

I have tried it with a workflow config file with 72 processes and deleted everything but one process. My Workflow could open that edited config file.

[Internal Reference: #1502319]