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Dongle doesn't work via remote desktop in Windows server 2012 R2


PSM and License dongle are installed in windows 2012 R2 and it’s working well.

But if i start PSM via remote desktop(Client PC), dongle doesn’t work. (change to Demo)

of course, i can use PSM directly in windows Server but my client want to PSM via remote desktop.

Why, Dongle doesn’t work in only remote desktop environment?

Please answer.

Hello Yoonsu,

Your question was answered on the newsgroup and remains the same here: http://www.objectiflune.com/forum2/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=53302

The Dongle is not permitted on a Remote Desktop connection, as this dongle is a single-user license which does not permit multiple simultaneous uses.

What if I don’t want multiple simultaneous users, single user at a time is fine, but I want my team to be able to work remotely on PSM, WITHOUT removing the dongle from our offices?

Can you suggest a solution?

You could speak to your sales rep for details on various available licenses. There is no way to guarantee single-connections are actually being used, as far as I know, so multi-user licenses are implemented in another way.