Double-sided printing error

Hello, I have a printing problem after having added the server where Planet was installed to a domain and using the new user’s new login, the problem is that the configuration of Windows printers changes when they print double-sided border long to short edge, however if I print a pdf directly to the printer it prints fine.
I have reinstalled Planet connect again from the new domain user but it still fails.
What can be?

Hi Frederick,

If you print the pdf yourself, are you using the same account as where Workflow and or Connect services is running on?
The Printing Preferences are setting for the current logged in user.

You can try to change the printing Default, found under the tab advanced:
This should change the double sided settings for all users on that system or if you change it on the printer server it self for all users that connect to that printer.

Hello Dennis.

What I did was completely uninstall Planet Connect and WorkFlow and reinstall it with the new user, all Planet services are the login ones, and add the permissions of the new user to the printers.

I have tried PDD and Poscript and it works but I have printers that are not Poscript and it has to be PCL so it doesn’t work.

I have tried all possible combinations but the double side always changes the long side to the short side.