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Duplex printing - pdf files

Hi - I have a process where I already have pdf files created from several other processes. They are merged and sent to printer. Print sections are all set to duplex.

My question is how do I get my printer to print duplex if I take a pdf file and drop it into a folder. I currently pick that file up and send it directly to the printer. It isn’t going through and template or data mapper. I cant use the ‘Print using the windows printer driver’ plug in. I don’t think my printers have the right drivers. It just prints out error pages. This process print simplex only. I then created a document with a blank print section set to duplex. I selected that document in my printer queue output plugin. that doesn’t work either.

Any other suggestions?

Thank you


You could insert a PJL header/pre-job command in workflow to tell the device to duplex, or create a “PDF runner” mapper and template that would basically set the datamapper PDF as background on a print section that is set to duplex, and you configure an output preset to print to your device.