Dymanic Image/PDF - need all pages

Dynamic PDF image needs to show all pages. Each PDF contains different count - some as high as 200 pages.

How do I set the dynamic script to pull in those pages? Currently I only have 1 page showing in preview.

Thank you - hoping this is an easy fix. Think I have tried everything from previous post from 2016 :slight_smile:

The easiest way would be to set that PDF as the section’s background. You can do this programatically with the instructions in the link below.


When you do it this way, Connect will automatically create as many pages as needed to accomodate the background PDF source.

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Thank you AlbertsN for reply.

I will review the documentation to see if I can follow.
The PDF pulls based on datamapper; possible choice of 800 PDF’s - all individual names and page counts.

FYI. Scripting should to the trick for now. In OL Connect 2019.2 we will introduce a Section Background Wizard to achieve this without scripting. The wizard let’s you specify a base location (Images folder in the template, a folder on disk or a base url) and construct the final location by selecting a data field.