Dynamic copies and Imposition

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to make a variable amount of copies of my sections in the designer based on a field. I’m using this javascript code in an action step right now to get my desired results.

try {record.copies = data.extract(‘Amount’,0); } catch(e) {record.copies = ‘25’;}

It works, I get the right amount of copies, but for some reason this seems to ruin my imposition. I’m imposing bussiness cards 25up and normally when I fill in 25 copies manually al the frontpages are on one side and the backs on the other. But when I use the code to decide the amount of copies for me it imposes the pages with half fronts and half backs on each page.

Hi Willem,

I have given this a try with our 2018.2 version, and did not get what you are describing. I create copies in the data mapper similar to what you have in your post, created a template with a single duplex section with a front and back side, and then turned on 25up duplex imposition in the print wizard.

I did not see any back side end up on a front side. Do you notice any differences between what I describe here, and what you have done?

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Hey Manuel

I have an older version. I am going to have to ask the IT department to update my version again. They were supposed to do this a while back, but it seems they were to busy.

Thanks for the help, I know what to do now.

Ok, I’ve updated to the 2018.2 version, but I still seem to have the same problem.

Hi Willem,
Sorry to get back to you so late.
Since we are not getting the same result while using the same version, there must be something else in play here. I gave it a little retry, and actually used your pasted script almost literally. This did show a little issue with that script: in the catch part, you try to assign the string ‘25’ to record.copies, which really should be a number; so it should say record.copies = 25; (without the single quotes).
Other than that, it’s working on my side.

You should be able to download my example from this link.

If you keep having issues, then perhaps it’s best to raise a ticket with our Support department.

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Thanks, we already managed to get it to work a while ago.