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Dynamic table dont want to break over pages

Hello OL Support Team @Erik @hamelj and others very skilled proffessionals.

I back after some huge break to OL CONNECT.

I have data mapper with repeat steps and one DYNAMIC TABLE.

I am trying to display this details on section but got red zone.

Its liek this is not starting from page 1 and unable to break details to fit sections.

My dynamic table looks like this:

<table id="detailsLinesID" data-column-resize="" data-detail="" data-hide-when-empty="" anchor="page_media_0"
style="width: 100%; top: 0px; left: 0px;" data-expander="2019" offset-x="48" offset-y="48">
        <tr data-breakable="" data-repeat="Details">
            <td style="text-align: left; width: 99.44%;" data-breakable="" data-field="InnerDetails">@InnerDetails@</td>

My details (just single level repeat)


Any ideas why this details do not broke up over pages to fit?


Hi @Odyn,

Can you please share a anonymized data file by which you’re able to reproduce the reported incident?

Could it be that your detail table is inside a DIV?

Hello @Marten @hamelj

Yes I will share data mapper and template with You.

Doesnt matter if its table of div for me.

@Erik help me with this, but the problem here is now that if we remove break lines using post function and regex then it doesnt looks same like on the input.

Is there any way to assure that if we extract data in data mapper on input, then we will keep the same text appearance/formatting in template?

Best regards

Ok, first I couln’t reproduce your issue as I got an error on record 13 which was due to your Delimiters before/after being equal to 1 when it is supposed to be 0.

The problem is that your dynamic table is made of 1 field (cell) that is too big for the page. I have received confirmation that cannot work. You’ll have to rethink the way you map your detail lines, each into their own subrecord if you want to get it to work.

Migth I ask why you did it that way instead of reading each line of the data into their own subrecord?

Well I am not sure why You got this error, it was ok on my side.

What I need to do is just to present this detail for each page.

When You look into this data mapper, each record may have multiple pages.
Each page inside record have own details.

You have Statement or Invoice.

I just do dynamic table to present details for each page.

I would like to present this detail and keep formatting inside template and output, do not remove any empty lines.

For me its doesnt matter if we display this line by line or whole selection but would be great if we keep formatting from input. @hamelj

At this point, you’d better contact our technical support team. They will be able to review what you wan to do and guide you in how to do this. This channel isn’t the proper to rethink and redo your Datamapper.

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Thank You @Erik @hamelj @Marten

I think i was able to work around this with Your help.

So now I can fit all my detail when I decrease the font size a litle and also line height and there are no format change on input as Erick suggested and it seems to work ok.

I have some another questions but i will create new thread for that.

If you go the route of decreasing your font size, make up a data file which fill up to its maximum, all lines in your data and test it with it, so you don’t endup in the same position in the future.

Yes i did what i can if there is no better solution for now.
Do some CSS twiks and it seems to work ok.