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Dynamic Table - how to add page break


I have nested table and tring to use new Dynamic table wizard in 2020.1. It’s all works well. Only thing missing is how I can add page break for every change of value (e.g. Policy Number) in parent table?


Have you already tried to apply the CSS property & value pair: “page-break-before: always;”, to the nested table element? And has this resulted in the output you want to have?

Hi Marten

This does not resulted to output I want to have

This will result in a new page for each “policy.detail” table row, isn’t it?

And what happen when you apply the CSS property & value pair to the previous table row (data-repeat="policy")? Will this resulted in the output you want to have?

Hi Marten

When I add it to policy row, the designer is throwing error exceptions “Pagination: WARNING pagination limits reached”


The CSS property & value pair: “page-break-before: always;” is used by the pagination process to know when and where to split a table when overflow, of said table, is happening. It has nothing to do with breaking based on a new policy number. But, that being said, it will be useful once the detail table are properly build, to ensure overflow, should it happen.

Now let me get clearer on what you intend to achieve. Based on the following premises:

  • Each record of the nested table Policy is a new policy number
  • Each resulting detail table for a new policy number must be alone on an output page

Then the first thing you need to check, is if it’s possible to change your Datamapping so each record is a new policy, meaning that instead of having 2 policies sub-records for your currently showing record 13 (as shown in your screenshot), they would be split in 2 record, each showing 1 policy. If that is at all possible, that would take care of the single policy per output page, as each record outputs a different page (more if there is overflow).

Now if that isn’t possible, due to the nature of the input data, then you next bet would be to clone your section, in your Template, for each sub-record of your nested table policy, using scripts.

Then using other scripts, you will populate each clone with the proper value for each sub-record of the policy detail table.

I suggest you read the following from our online help:

Dynamically adding sections (cloning)