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Dynamic table split

I have details record present in my datamapper. On the first page I have ~1.5inch of space where details should be present. That are should fit 6 details row. The rest of details should be placed on the following pages. I configured already 2 master pages with proper header and footer to achieve it. However I’m facing with an issue, that instead of having 6 rows on first page and one row on the second page, I always get 5 on the first and 2 one the next page. There is already enough space to fit 6th row but it gets pushed into the next page. Am I missing something?

Please check you orphan / widow setting for your table.

Indeed. Setting them to 1 fixed this issue. Btw, why are defaults set to 2?

I’m also curious if it’s possible to layout records in N order. Let’s say the whole table has only 3 columns (like in this example: Amount, Reference and Descripion) and records are filled in on the left page side and then on the right. Then on the next page, same way, first left page side and right. And so on.

There is no out-of-the-box feature for that but could be achieved using scripting. It may impact performance though. Could provide a sample if you are interested.