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Dynamic Table Wizard CSS

The dynamic table widget doesn’t allow the user to set the font size. The default table CSS that is generated isn’t editable. Selecting the “Table” option from the context menu to edit the table doesn’t have a font size setting option.

Thus the only way to assign a font-size to the table is by adding an inline style declaration by editing the Source code, or by selecting various table elements and changing the point size in the top menu.

Shouldn’t there be a way to assign a font size during Table creation?

That’s correct, you can’t change the (CSS property) font-size through the Dynamic Table widget. However, you can change the font-size via the Table Formatting window.

You can open the Table Formatting window–in the Design mode–by right-clicking in a table cell and selecting the option: “Table…”. This will show you the Table Formatting window with some default Table settings (Table, Spacing, Border, Background). When you click on the “Advanced” button you can use your own CSS properties such as font-size.

P.S. Please note that this will change the font size of the whole table. If you only want to change the font size of a table cell you simply have to choose the option “Cell…” instead of “Table…”. In the Table Cell Formatting window you change the font size under the “Type” tab (go to “General” > “Size”).