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EDI X12 File Output

Random question,

Has anyone ever had any experience with taking the record data or XML files and creating an EDI X12 output file? I’m fairly unfamiliar with the format as a whole to be honest, but was just curious. Kinda out there, I know.

As far as I know EDI X12 is a quite complex data format for Electronic Data Interchange, similar to EDIFACT, the european equivalent (the successor, but different). Files following this data type need to follow certain rules and structure.

Connect definitely does not support this (and I don’t see any plans for introducing it).

And I don’t think it’s an easy thing to create it manually via a script.

As Martin mentions, EDI X12 (and most EDI formats, for that matter) can be quite complex as the number of rules that go into creating them can sometimes be surreal.

You should instead look at Service Providers who specialize into this kind of formats. TIE Kinetix (https://tiekinetix.com/en) is one such organisation that we’ve worked with and that are experts in all things EDI. We are actually going to be publishing scripts and solutions that can push data to their system through their API, but that’s a few months down the road. In the meantime, though, you can already take a look at the services they offer.

Hello looks like this is old post but I would like to ask if now there is any tools from you guys for translation EDI