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I/we are looking for a way to replace the way we send email campaigns, we are currently using a piece of software which, although good… is very clunky, slow, and cumbersome.

Pres-Connect came up as a potential platform.

Does anyone use it for such activities and if so what is your thoughts on it?

(Also, I couldn’t seem to find any resource on emails! :frowning: )

Appreciate any assistance you might offer!

Hello Russ,

Based on the provided information, I assume that the Basic Email Sample Project is a great starting point.

To check whether OL Connect is the perfect choice for sending your email campaigns I would recommend you to contact our Customer Success team. Please check the webpage Customer Care Contact Information for the contact information of our Customer Success team.

Hi Marten,

Thank you kindly, I will take a peak as soon as I can. :grinning:

Many thanks


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