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Email Input - Setup Microsoft Exchange Email


I received this kind of error while trying to connect on my outlook email.


I have used the email input process and tick the “Use Microsoft Outlook” box.

How will I fix this? What would be the best way to connect on my outlook email?

The Outlook connectivity option in the Email Input plugin doesn’t support anything beyond Office 2010. You’d be better off using the new Secure Email Input plugin and using either the IMAP or POP3 protocol.

If this isn’t an option and the Outlook client is truly your only way of interfacing with this email account, then I’d suggest using the method outlined here: https://learn.objectiflune.com/howto/capturing-emails-outlook-version/

What this does is uses Outlook’s built in scripting and rules to save certain emails to the disk as an XML file. Attachments are also saved and referenced in that XML file. You’d then build up a workflow process that picks up those XML files from the disk (simple folder capture) and parses the xml file for the information you need.