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Email module and Mailchimp Intergration

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Got a question and it may have been answered in another thread, just can’t seem to find/see it.

I would like to intergrate the Planetpress connect (email module and workflow to send out emails. What I like about this is the tracking Mailchimp offers. I also like to manage the creation of the email contents in PPconnect compared to MailChimp. Are there any pointers that would help to accomplish this? Or the best way to approach this?

Thanks for your help in advance.

Here is my take on this. You can use the Render Email content task in Workflow to merge data with an email template. This task does not send the email but returns information you could use to download the rendered messages from the Connect File Store.

See: https://help.objectiflune.com/en/pres-workflow-user-guide/2021.1/Default.html#Workflow/TasksProperties/OLConnect-RenderEmailContent.html

From that point you have several options. You could use the SendGrid or MailJet connectors for Workflow to send the messages using those services. Both Email Service Providers (ESPs) provide tracking features similar to MailChimp. At this stage we don’t have a connector for MailChimp. The ESP connectors can be found on https://help.objectiflune.com/en/ (scroll to the bottom section of that page).

A basic email process with ESP integration consists of the following steps:

  • Input task (for example Folder Capture)
  • Execute Data Mapping
  • Render Email Content
  • An ESP integration plugin (e.g. SendGrid or MailJet)
  • Delete to terminate the process

The Execute Data Mapping task creates a record set in the OL Connect Database by executing the selected data mapping configuration on the job data file. The resulting record set ID and the individual record IDs are stored in Metadata.

The Render Email Content task instructs OL Connect Server to render email messages but unlike the Create Email Content task it is not sending them. It prepares the messages in the OL Connect File Store which allows Email Service Provider plugins or custom scripts to use that data for further processing.

The ESP plugins handle the sending of the email based on the output of the Render Email Content task.

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Thanks @Erik, I will have a try this method and let you know how I get on. Thanks for your help.