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Emailing documents

I have a customer who would like us to produce and send emails (at most, about a dozen per day) on their behalf. Now, I know that we can use Connect to produce HTML email output, but I’m wondering how we manage sending out those emails?

I’m aware that PReS has a “Send Email” output component, but that only seems to allow for an attachment whereas we’ll need to make the email output the body of the actual message.

In addition, I don’t suppose our ISP would take kindly to us acting as what could be construed as a spambot!

What do other people use to do this, that perhaps integrates with OL software? Can anyone provide a recommendation for a suitable solution?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Drazaky,

you can use different solutions, for example using a ESP like jetmail or sendgrid which also release you from your concerns arround spam,
for detailed information
see https://help.objectiflune.com/en/pres-workflow-user-guide/2020.1/Default.html#Workflow/Tasks/Email_Services.html?Highlight=email