Empty Create Email Content TO field

Is the “TO” field required when using the Create Email Content plugin?

The Purpose: We would like to blast a generic email out to customers. We thought we could do this by placing 20-50 in the BCC field. We need to send 180,000 emails. Without the BCC, we can only send 10k emails an hour. Using the BCC we can greatly increase this.

Ideally the TO field is blank. Originally I set the TO and FROM field the same … the From field is the CustomerCare Email box. When I did this that email box creates tickets for each incoming email … they were not happy :frowning:

Outlook just allowed me to send and email with blank TO field, and I believe it was possible with the previous “Send Email” (non-Connect) plugin.

Logging indicates no issue … but I don’t see the emails.

INFO : 19:17:00.603 [0011] Send email using SMTP server
INFO : 19:17:00.604 [0011] Connect to server SMTP
INFO : 19:17:00.667 [0011] Send message
INFO : 19:17:01.227 [0011] File sent : job010FTD5JZDSKI1F37FF0457.dat, size: 19714 bytes
INFO : 19:17:01.227 [0011] Plugin Send Email completed successfully - 7:17:01 PM (elapsed time: 00:00:00.624)

Thanks for your help, and guidance towards a solution.


I didn’t think this one was going to be this difficult. Does anyone have any insight?

How about you set a dummy mailbox and use it as your TO?