Endpoint URL for API

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How do I create an endpoint URL using OL Connect?

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You use the NodeJS Input task in Workflow and you set the HTTP Action field to the endpoint you want to process (there can be multiple endpoints that all get captured by the same input task):

Then, your API call would be something like (set the IP address of the server appropriately).

Hi @Phil,

Thank you for your help. But I still have some clarification as per below. Can you assist?

  1. In order to use NodeJS input, a Certificate issued by Certificate Authority is compulsory?
  2. Is it a must to host the URL to public? If yes, is there any additional configuration needs to be done at Connect Server?
  3. Do still require a common web server to serve the URL?

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  1. You need a certificate if you want to access the endpoint with HTTPS. If you can use HTTP, then no certificate is required.
  2. A URL is always “public” unless you have something that prevents the outside world from accessing it. That is usually done at the router level, so ask your IT department to set it up for you.
    Do not use the NodeJS Input or the HTTP Input tasks If you are not familiar with setting up your system properly to protect it from unwanted remote access.
  3. The NodeJS Input uses its own Web server, so you don’t need to install anything else.