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Error caused by NullPointerException

Hi - I am getting this error - HTTP/1.1 500 Server Error caused by NullPointerException. It was working fine and now I am getting error. I recently upgraded to 2020.1.

Does anyone have any idea why and how I fi this? I ran the validation tool in the template and all records are fine.

Thank you

Hi @ahaddad,

May I know when you do get the NullPointerException error? Does the error occur by running a Workflow plugin, like for example the OL Connect “Execute Data Mapping” plugin, or when you’re running a print job via the Connect designer?

Can you share the entire logging of the Workflow plugin in case when the error does occur by executing a Workflow plugin?

Yes - I’m sorry. I am getting the error when the workflow plugin ‘Create Output’. I am using the ‘PDF Only Prompt’ output. I have selected ‘Through Workflow’ under output management.

thank you

Are you expecting output? Can you produce output when you open the related Connect Resources in the Connect Designer and run a print job via the Connect Server? Because the “NullPointerException” error can also occur when no output has been generated, when all the Print Context Section of each record are ignored by a Conditional Script for example.

I think that is the reason then. Thank you so much. I didn’t think of that!!