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Error: Encoding is full


I’m running a large job, 54,000 CSV records, 1 document per record.

It fails at the Create Output step, Generic PDF, with the error:

[0022] W3001 : Error while executing plugin: HTTP/1.1 500 LoggedApplicationException: There was an error running the output creation process caused by ApplicationException: encoding is full (8,191 entries)

Can anyone explain this? Is there a remedy? I have clearly reached some sort of limit, I just don’t know where.


Unfortunately, the explanation is a problem in the software. As a work-around, you may try to use a different font, and perhaps turning on “PDF pass-through” in your output preset can make a difference. Unfortunately, this is not guaranteed to work.

Other cases of this issue could no longer be reproduced in our upcoming 2019.1 release, so this version may resolve the problem for you.

I advise to contact support, and log a ticket with them, so your case is known.