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Error evaluating expression?


Why do I keep getting this error?
Basically all I want to split my pdf based on record/document count.
Here is my set up:

Job Creation

Output mask

Output Creation

Proof print summary

if anyone can pinpoint my mistake here, would be much appreciated.

Thank you

It looks like when you set your separation option to “Separate by Count”, you lose all metadata field access which is unfortunate.

Only work around I can think of is, if you are using this in a workflow, is to output the pdf to a temp folder and pick the pdf and rename it.

Alternatively, you could create a new field in Datamapper, in which you enter a number by script. This number is incremented by one every 100 records.

In the output you can then do a grouping and separation based on this field (instead of exact separation you choose separation on document set level).

That should work, though I haven’t tested it myself yet.