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Error - Font Could Not Be Included

I am having an issue where our shipping packing slips are occasionally not printing out. When looking through the service console, I get an error similar to:

DEBUG: Producing an Optimized PostScript document…
ERROR: I0012 : Error producing job of document “SSCC_Pack_Slip.ptk”: Font Arial could not be included. Error: Unexpected error (-1073741502)
ERROR: I0006 : PlanetPress Image output failed on host

This seems isolated to one printer. When I run the file through the workflow in debug, it prints out with no issue (to the same printer that previously did not print)

Any help would be appreciated.

Don`t know if my answer match your problem but if a font works in debug but not in live mode, maybe the service account can not use that font. Maybe you can try to install the font for all users (right click on font file and choose admin option “Install for all users”).

I don`t think that helps here because standard Arial font should be available for all users. But it is worth a try?