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Error message attempting to install upgrade (Current subscription does not allow you to update to this version)

OL Care is current, but does not have access to the internet. My guess is that the activation still contains the old OL Care expiration date. If I’m correct, in situations where we have to use the offline installers due to policies that block access to the internet; what is the proper method to update the activation to contain the new OL Care date?

Will these steps work?

  • Login to the OL Activations Web Site
  • Download the Activation codes again
  • Install the new activation codes
  • Restart the services

Your guess is most likely correct.

I’d recommend that you download fresh copy of your license off the web activation manager:

That should contain all your updated OL Care information. The steps that you outlined are correct.

You can also open the license file in a text editor and look for the node. The installer will not run if it’s passed that date.