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Error message to variable


I am in the process of creating a Dashboard to monitor the progress of jobs.

We are also adding the error messages to his dashboard.

However I have noticed, that the %{error.errormsg} only contains the text, of what is described in the “In Error” tab “Log message”.

What I would like to log is the reason, why a plugin has failed.
For example “Unexpected character”.

I have read that this should be a new feature of 2019.1.
But I am not seeing this information in any variables after an error has been created.

Do you have a idea how to achieve this goal?

Thank you,



This feature will actually be available in the upcoming version 2019.2. It has already been cleared by QA, so it is sure to make the cut (well, unless we run into a major issue by release time).

Version 2019.2 is scheduled for release next month.

Thank you for the information.