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Error P0014: The following PPD could not be imported

I have a document using tray calls on a Ricoh printer. Since we are changing printer I uploaded the Postscript PPD for the new printer. When I tried to change the PPD on my document I get error P0014: The following PPD could not be imported and should be Checked Followed by the path. In addition the PPD becomes empty (size 0kb). I even tried to change the current PPD to try the default PPD but the same time is happening. I am using PlanetPress Desing version Any Idea?

Possible errors include the following, but please make sure it a valid PPD file.
The PPD file that was opened is not a PostScript Definition file, or the PPD file could have been moved or deleted while it was being opened.
if it valid PPD file, I recommend to open support ticket on our web.