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Error W3070 in Log

anyone know where to go with this error? See below for the text. Printer Queues are clean, server has been rebooted. I have 2 processes throwing this error. All the rest (over 25) are good.
Here is the full text of the error in the Log:

WPROC: PL- ASB REPORTS (thread id: 6076) - 00:00:02

INFO : Opening printer…
ERROR: W3070 : Input WinQueue, error: Access violation at address 089CF941 in module ‘InputWindowsQueue.dll’. Read of address 0000004C
ERROR: WinQueue Input: W1603 : Plugin failed - 00:00:02 (elapsed time: 00:00:00:001)

WPROC: PL- ASB REPORTS (thread id: 6076) complete - 00:00:02 (elapsed time: 00:00:00:002)

If it started at some point, it could be related to Windows updates, drivers, or security software updates.
If possible, try rebuilding or removing them.

Tosuji, the problem with removing and rebuilding them is that evreytime the server is rebooted, the error moves to 2 different processes. And the last ones with the errors are now clear! If it was the same processes throwing the error, then i would be happy to rebuild them. But i do not wish to delete and rebuild the entire configuration.

Can you detail more the “…evreytime the server is rebooted, the error moves to 2 different processes…”.

What is it you do to the Workflow configuration prior to rebooting?
Or is it that just by rebooting 3 times, the problem would switch process three times?

Hamelj, nothing really to add here. This server is set via a script to reboot every night. Has been for years. No special considerations for the Workflow Configuration. But now I am getting the errors on one or more processes. When I looked this morning the error was showing on Process PL and it is only that one. But tomorrow it might be 2 and it might be different processes. Very strange to me.

Could it be that the very first process(es) that runs after reboot is(are) the one that error out?