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Error when installing planetpress connect

I am helping client to install planetpress connect but got the following error:

May i know what’s that mean?

Where is the computer located? More precisely, which time zone is it located in? You should be able to retrieve that by going to Settings: Time & Language and look at the Time zone field. Somehow there seems to be something there that is unexpected.

For your reference,

*Actually originally i forgot to set the time zone, but then i tried to re-install after setting the time zone. However, i still got the same error.

The above time zone is Hong Kong Time zone. May i know that do i need to set another time zone for the installation of planetpress?

Thanks for the info. Sadly, I wasn’t able to reproduce the problem on my side with the little information we had. I installed Connect 2021.1 on Windows 10 with all settings and display language to Chinese Hong Kong, and time zone set to UTC+8:00 as shown in your screen shot, and the installer completed successfully. So my hypothesis turned out to be wrong. I found it a bit peculiar that it says GMT 8:00, I would have expected UTC+8:00, hence why I asked about that, but that may be just a display discrepency.

I am also assuming that you don’t know what makes this computer unexpectedly different that it makes the installer fail, otherwise you wouldn’t be posting this here.

You may wish to try on another computer to compare, or try to find if there is another time zone-related setting that interferes with the installation, as the error messages seem to point to that. But seeing that we both have the same time zone, I am not sure where to look next.

I think your best option at this point would be to open a support ticket with our Support team so that they can troubleshoot further.

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Nice. I would like to open a ticket but it is quite urgent. Would you like to help refer someone for help?
Thanks so much.

And open an ticket need to input serial number but i don’t even installed successfully. Hope can refer someone to help. Thanks~

I found that the region in the log show US but my system setting is HK. Is it planetpress failed to synchronize time zone and region with my PC?

Hi ceci_cheung,

I think it would be best if you contacted the support team in your local area so they can go through this with you today. You can contact your support team via email on +61 3 8548 4894 or via email at Support@au.objectiflune.com.


Alex Banahene