Error When Opening Template

I get this error when trying to open a OL template that I was able to open and work on yesterday morning. Anyway seen this error before or know a fix?

Hello @ewanbw,

I would like to ask you kindly to open a ticket via our ‘Online Community (link)’ for the “Failed to extract to temporary folder (DES000037)” error, shown when you try to open a Template via the Designer application, as we probably need to check the Designer logs plus the Template by which the error does occur.

What I would like to ask you to check right now is to check whether the file size of the Template is not equal to 0 KB.

@Marten I am scheduled to talk to a OL Support member later today and he will remote into my PC to investigate the error. I created this post because I thought there might be an easy fix for it, but it sounds like an issue that requires a lot of investigation. I just checked and the size of the file is 0 KB. The file worked fine yesterday morning, so I don’t know what would have caused all my progress to disappear.

Sorry if I’m kicking a dead thread. I’m getting the same experience.

Failed to extract to temporary folder (DES000037).


@iwest Unfortunately I don’t remember what I ended up doing to fix this issue or if there was a fix at all. I would open up a ticket with OL Connect Support. I apologize that I can’t help more.