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Excel Data Mapper Feature Request - Variable Sheet Name


Many times clients change the name of the Sheet within the Workbook of an Excel spreadsheet. Can R&D make the data mapper select the first sheet at all times via a checkbox? This would then cater for those using another sheet in the Workbook.

What would also be nice is to pass a Workflow variable to the Sheet dropdown list so that we can specify a sheet name that might change every month and not be the first sheet in the Workbook.




Makes a lot of sense. I will add it to our TODO list.

Hi Phil,

Any ETA on this request?


I use this to change the sheet name (in the Workflow) to match the data mapped name:

'launch Excel and open file
Set xlObj = CreateObject(“Excel.Application”)
Set xlFile = xlObj.WorkBooks.Open(“c:\temp\filename.xls”)
'turn off screen alerts
xlObj.Application.DisplayAlerts = False
'loop through sheets
For Each Worksheet In xlFile.Worksheets
'change sheet to desired worksheet name
If Worksheet.Name = “SheetToRename” Then
Worksheet.Name = “NewName”
End If
'change all sheets to desired font
With Worksheet.Cells.Font
.Name = “Verdana”
.Size = 12
End With
'save, close, then quit
xlFile.Close True

I have a similar script saved to my ‘cheat sheet’. A script I think you initially did. But as always I try to push non programming/scripting solutions to OL as not everyone is a programmer. The more user friendly Connect gets the better.

Thanks for the reply, much appreciated.


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