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Excluded Blank page for duplex page

hi , i try to add total Page count into barcode for my duplex page . May i know how to count the total page which without the extra blank page for duplex section ?
i try to use document.count.pages to capture total page number but it included count for blank page.


Hi @john717 ,

I assume that you have checked the “Duplex” option and unchecked the “Omit empty back side for Last or Single sheet” option via (right click on the name of the Print Context Section) > Properties… > Sheet Configuration > General, isn’t it? A option you have is to–if possible–control the Duplex part via the Imposition Options settings of a Output Creation Preset and to uncheck the “Duplex” option on the Sheet Configuration settings of the Print Context Section(s). Because in that case the blank page will not be counted.

Im after this as well.

@Marten , yes thats obviously how you would not have the blank page included in the count. But then you lose the ability to add the blank page.

There should a way to capture the page count(minus the blank page) without disabling the feature that you wanted in the first place.

Too bad this isnt supported.