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Feature request: Added ability to create Remote Control Script


We have around 20 separate design templates for our documents (which will grow to at least 60 different templates). In the past we had this in 1 big template file which had the advantage of being able to share everything between the different documents, including the control scripts (that is used, among other things, to create global javascript functions that can be called from other scripts). The problem with having everything in 1 big template is that it becomes too big to be managed by PlanetPress as there are limitations at what the system can handle performance wise and thus we decided to split everything up again.
Unfortunately that means that any changes that are global changes will need to be made to all templates which is a lot of work.

It would be great to have the ability to have control scripts that can be loaded from an external location so that any change to the script is immediately available to all design templates.

Hi Dvdmeer,

Thanks for reaching out and for the suggestion. I’ll create an Improvement Request for this.

Groet :wink: