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Feature request Onedrive plugin

in the onedrive plugin it’s not possible to put the ID and password in a variable.

Hi Koen

I’ll do some checking on this and let you know



HI there,

Was this ever answered or will it be changed in upcoming updates? It seems unproductive not to be able to set these as variables.

We’re in the process of migrating from Pres Automate where these sort of credentials eg mail accounts & ftp accounts are saved as a setting in the global environment. That seems like a much better approach.

I will add this request to our backlog. Note however that it poses some unique challenges, because these values often contain characters that may automatically get expanded by Workflow (for instance, the % character) and which could cause their validation to fail.

@Phil - could we include this in the plugin tooltips or notes to ask users to escape such characters?

Or better still, validate the input field to highlight known issues.

Yes, those are viable options at design time, but it still leaves room for issues at runtime (say, if a process reads a password from a manifest file and feeds that data selection to the plugin’s config). In that case, you’d get a runtime error that, in most cases, might go unnoticed (the On Error tab is still vastly underused in most Workflow configs).

There are a number of ways around it, as you’ve outlined, we just need to make sure we pick the ones that are the most flexible.

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Yeah I can see how that would be an issue. I think that’s why the Pres Automate approach seems a little better setting the account once in the environment and then call that account in the process as opposed to setting them as variables that get passed to the plugin.

Cheers for the updated