Feature request: remember if datamodel groups and tables are folded or not

In the datamodel pane, be it in Datamapper or in Designer, you can fold groups and tables in an out. That is very important when working with large datasets to make the data more human digestible.

However, when you do the tiniest change anywhere, all groups and tables are folded out again.

Feature wish: At least in Designer please make the software remember what groups and tables are folded in and only fold them out if the user wants to. This would make working with large datasets way easier and especially way more user friendly. Half of the time I have to manually fold in groups again so the datamodel is more clearly arranged.

I could understand if this is difficult in Datamapper, since changes have to be reflected in the datamodel, but at least in designer this should be an option. Almost all other software that provides foldable trees of some kind does this for UX reasons.