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Feature Request: Step and Repeat "Imposition" in Connect Designer

I’m requesting that a “Step and Repeat” functionality for Detail Tables be added to Connect Designer.

An example Use Case would be in the case of Labels, where Cut and Stack Imposition doesn’t make any sense. The detail table could be multi-column, with Detail Records running down each column then up to the top of the next column (or go row-by-row), until the last cell of the final column/row is reached, and then Connect would start a new page.

It has already been requested as having Imposition and Separation to work hands in hands.

To be clear, I’m not asking about an Imposition feature per se, and the feature I’m requesting would be implemented in Designer, not in an Output Preset.

Expressed another way: enhance the “Add Detail Table” to support multiple table columns, with an option to step the data across rows or down/up columns.


So a multidimensional table…right? Same as a multidimensional array?

Or a DIV. Some way of using all the fields from the first record of a detail table and then specify a step and repeat across and back (or down then up) the page, stepping through the detail table with each step.

As you know, I worked this out by building my “Table of Labels” in a snippet with text placeholders, then using a script to calculate the number of sheets, loading the Snippet per sheet, then looping through replacing the placeholders with detail table record field values. It’s elegant and solves the issue, but a GUI method to accomplish this would be nice.

:thinking:Based on the example you sent me, I will send that to the R&D :grinning: