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First step fails on all processes

when the services start the console records an error for each process every second. The error is ‘Unable to create directory’ as each first step is a Folder Capture plugin. All permissions are good, we are running the services and test as a Domain user with local admin rights, AV is not logging hitting anything.

Any ideas are appreciated

Hi Jacob,

My experience with that error is always user rights(unless the shared drive is literally down). The service account must have explicit authorization on the target shared resource. I’ve seen differences in behavior when using user@domain.something VS domain\user. I always use domain\user and have no problems when user@domain.something shows authentication errors(with same rights obviously).


Resolved via support ticket: folders paths contained variables which didn’t contain the expcted values, causing the target destination to not exist, returning this error. Populating the variables with the expected values resolved the error.

be mindful of an inactive Startup Process.
thanks again Oliver