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Folder Capture error

Have a server who keeps throwing errors in a workflow, when picking up a large number (+10000) of files from a folder.

The “Folder input plugin” gives this error:
ERROR: 03:30:31.410 [0014] File move failed : C:\GG\Flows\Intrum_Normal\Input\xxxx_28562228.pdf
ERROR: 03:30:31.410 [0014] W3011 : Input folder error: A call to an OS function failed
ERROR: 03:30:31.410 [0014] Folder Capture: W1603 : Plugin failed - 03:30:31 (elapsed time: 00:00:00.063)

There is no antivirus on the server, except for windows defender – witch I have disabled.

I know I can continue in the workflow with an error message, but can I via a script then read the next file from the folder – then I could continue the flow. Don’t know what delays the read of the files.

The script could be something like:
if Right(Watch.GetVariable(“ErrorMessage”), 6) = “ERROR” then
Watch.Sleep 2000
Do something to load the next file…
end if

Hi @klaus.soerensen,

Do you know what the CPU usage on the affected environment is and what the CPU usage of the PlanetPress Workflow service is the moment the error message does occur?

Can you let us know please if the Folder Capture Workflow plugin by which the error message does occur is a Input plugin of a Workflow process?

Can you also let us know please if the Workflow process to which the Folder Capture Workflow plugin has been applied is a self replicating process or not?

This kind of issue is often caused by anti-malware software. Due to its nature, Workflow often pushes this kind of software beyond their limits. I would suggest to temporarily disable them all to confirm whether it is the case or not. If it does solve the issue, then you can proceed to whitelist the appropriate processes and directories.