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Folder Capture: Found 0 new files

Hi there,

got a question. I’m usting the “Folder Capture” some what half way my workflow.
In case there are 0 new files found I need the workflow to go to an other process.

I tried “On error go to process”, but the workflow does not see it as a workflow.

I trying a text condition, (in branche) but because there are 0 new files it does not reach the Text Condition.

Can anyone help me out.

Note* The goal is to send the workflow to an other in case there are 0 new files found. This other process has a delay (sleep) and goes back to the previous process to try and capture again. Any other workaround is welcome.

Instead of the Folder Capture task, use a Folder Listing task. You can then easily determine if the total count of files in the folder is 0.

Thanks I found the Task, at first glymps I seems to have the same effect, how can I interupt?

Got it to work Thanks Phil