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Folder Capture plug-in failed to process file


I have this Folder capture plugin with one specific mask to capture one file and based on the log, it can see the file exist but afterwards , it will exit and fail to process the file. I have manually deleted the file and succeeded just to make sure no other background services is locking the file. Any reason behind it why it is not picking up the file?

[0035] Starting plugin Folder Capture - 11:10:55
[0035] Mask: %8
[0035] Parsed mask: 3139_104499-002_P_Cancellation_7612__02_0_20221025T140110.pdf
[0035] Input path: %{inputPath}
[0035] Parsed path: \wmdevconnect\Jobs\nib\Value_LAndL\Input
[0035] Number of masks: 1
[0035] Using mask: 3139_104499-002_P_Cancellation_7612__02_0_20221025T140110.pdf
**[0035] Found 1 new files in “\wmdevconnect\Jobs\nib\Value_LAndL\Input” **
[0035] 1 file(s) found
[0035] Plugin Folder Capture found no data to capture - 11:10:55

File attribute looks ok as well - image

No worries on this one… This is a window server OS issue