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Folder input: Can not find directory


I want to capture files from a network directory in a workflow process. I always get the error, that the directory can not be found (in debug and live/service mode). As windows user I can access that directory via Windows Explorer. The windows user has admin rights and is also set as service user.
Any ideas what we can check?


Are you using UNC path or mapped drive?

Also, be sure that the rights have actually granted to that user. Admin rights would be local rights, not rights to a network path. Unless you’re loggin in with a Domain Admin, which would be very unwise.

I’ve seen cases before, as well, where the user was able to access a folder seemingly without issue. However, if we attempted to reach that same folder from a new PC with that user, a login prompt popped up asking for different credentials. In other words, that account didn’t have native access to the folder, but the secondary credentials had been stored by Windows for later use. Those stored credentials won’t be used by Workflow.

Thanks for the feedback. I already had this assumption and actually just wanted another confirmation.

@hamelj I tried both ways. First I tried an UNC path “\Server-IP\root\targetdirectory”, secondly I tried a mapped drive (before that I checked the Workflow preference option “Expand folder paths in UNC”).

As mentioned before I have full access rights as the windows user to that directory (with or without UNC path).

Then I’d go with AlbertsN suggestion. Asecondary authentication would be accessible by Workflow.

Unfortunately I have a second customer with whom I have the same problem. The directory to be monitored is located in a different subnet and needs alternative access data (different domain).
If I define the remote directory as input folder I always get an error message that the directory could not be created.

On the PlanetPress Connect server I have the following user (is deposited to the services).
User: DOMAIN1\Adminuser
Password: 123456789

The directory to be monitored has the following user.
User: DOMAIN2\Adminuser
Password: 987654321

When I run an external batch file in the PlanetPress workflow (where I specify the remote host’s user credentials), retrieving and storing files from/to the remote directory works (both in debug and live mode).
When I execute a VBScript in the PlanetPress Workflow (including the user credentials) it works in debug mode, but not in live mode.

In Windows Explorer, I don’t have direct access to the network directory either, but only to the mapped drive.

I would prefer to use the folder recording plugin to record the files.

The customer’s IT staff does not understand what to do to solve the problem and I cannot make it understandable to them.

Is there a tip that I can give to the IT staff or is there a trick in PlanetPress Workflow to get access with foreign user credentials?

It has been many years since I’ve delved deep into cross domain active directory permissions, but I believe they need to set up a trust relationship that allows users in Domain1 to be granted access to objects in Domain2 as if that user were a member of Domain2.