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Font issue using workflow

Hello to everyone again!

I was able to set an auto publication system that generates output PDFs using workflow. As input I have one CSV with the variable data and the designer Template, the output is the PDF file.

It is working really well, but I have one specific issue with some custom fonts. These fonts are built to be similar to handwritten letters, so you have a different variation of each letter.

When I generate the output using the designer software it is okay, but when I generate the output using the automatic system, the PDF is wrong.

This is an example of the same list and template, generated with the designer and with workflow:

The font uses different symbols to create a different variation of the same letter, for instance, “Dehoff” is “D╧h♦╝” but in the wrong PDF it is converted to “D╧h♦â•�” it’s very strange because there are more digits thank the original word. I hope this is not very confusing.

But the question is why this could be failing when using the workflow, and running smoothly with the Designer software? (I used the designer on the same server on which the workflow server is installed.)

Thank you very much for your help!

Check that the font is installed for all Users. While in Design tool, you are log as the user as a Desktop user. When Workflow (actually the Connect Server) runs the job, it is as the Service user.

Best would be to copy your font on your Desktop then right-click on it and select Install for All users.
You might need to reboot.

Let us know that that does it.

Check your input file’s encoding, CSVs most commonly can be either ISO 8859-1 or UTF-8, seems like you’re not getting consistent input? It was definitely the answer when I had a similar issue but with a database input, where some fields were UTF-16 and some weren’t.

Thanks for the reply @hamelj @puszczyk !

I already installed the fonts for all users, but the problem still remains.

But looking at @puszczyk 's answer, I remember that I had this problem with the designer tool, that the software did not recognize the CSV list as UTF-8. But by changing the encoding to UTF-8 BOOM, fixed the problem.
I think it is the same error, that the program does not recognize these fields as UTF-8 even though the CSV is UTF-8 BOOM, how could I fix this?

Many thanks! I appreciate it!

If it’s set to UTF-8 in the Data Mapper, then it should be working fine. Make sure to Ctrl+F12 the data mapping configuration to actually send it to the server, chances are you changed it in Designer, but never sent it into production (don’t ask how I know to check such a specific thing :blush:).

If that doesn’t help, I’d say launch a support ticket, as something isn’t working as expected.