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Font Subsitution

Is there anyway to setup a font substitution table or anything like that in PReS for when working with PDF input data that doesn’t have the fonts embedded? We have a job which we are migrating to PReS that used to go through other software and print fine but through PReS it isn’t as the font’s aren’t getting embedded so when it prints the output is all wrong.

With other tools in the past I’ve been able to setup a font substitution table\config to say when font X is in the data used Font B from local font’s directory etc

Hi jebeal84

I’d advise selecting the ‘Pass-through PDF resources’ check box on the PDF options page of your output preset. This will allow Connect to sue the PDF as it is without attempting to recreate it while still allowing the addition your template and preset bring in. If you continue to he difficulties please contact your local support team.


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Hi Alex

It’s not the PDF output thats incorrect as such, it looks right but when it then prints it doesn’t print correctly as the font isn’t embedded within the PDF so the printer does a substitution. So I was wondering if there is a way to force the font to be embedded when PReS processes it



If you send the original PDF directly to the printer using LPR, does it print the proper fonts?
I know of no way to setup a font substitution in Connect. The only thing I could think of would be to use the original PDF as input but not background and redo the whole thing in Connect.