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Force output to Black and White


We have a job which comes in as a colour PDF but we want to output as mono\Black & White. Is there anyway to do this as can’t really see much in terms of output settings for colour space etc


maybe pdf24 is an option? You can create a pdf printer driver and setup a gray output profile. In Connect output you can choose that printer driver.
Of course there are some bad things:

  • maybe slow because it is a windows printer driver
  • you have to setup it correctly
  • you have to set a fix destination path in the printer driver settings with a few variables (date variables etc.)

I have never used it for productive purposes, so you will have to decide for yourself if it is a good solution.

Hi James,
If your working with a PostScript printer and your PPD has color mode code in it you can specify that color mode via the dynamic PPD options in the same way you would to pull trays or activate a stapler. If you would like to go over this in more detail please feel free to contact support.



Hi Alex, It’s PDF unfortunately as we are then running it back through PReS to apply the artwork which needs to be in colour