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Form with Database emulation repeats some records

PP7 form using database emulation. Every letter is a single page that has a front side (rows 1 & 2) and a back side (row 3 & more).

Pulls from a CSV file where the boundaries are set by a field change. Occasionally a record is repeated, I believe it is whenever the number of rows exceeds 2.

The results from the database plug, appear to be correct. I suspect that there is something wring in the form, but not sure what it could be.

Can you anonymize your data so you can share your form here?

I can only direct message you per the customer

I have the form open, can you explain me step by step what need be done to reproduce the issue? I assume that the data insisde the form is the one I need to reproduce?

I guess it is the record with name BAY?

There is a 32 bit csv odbc system dsn to a folder.
The the initial Test csvdata is the input and is processed by a script to add text qualifiers to all the fields because there are numbers with leading zeros that need to be retained for the One Code barcode. The resulting file is deposited to where the 32 bit csv odbc system dsn is expecting it with the expected file name. The database plugin pulls records as a planetpress database file breaking on a field change. Then the for takes the data and renders the pdf.

Yes, GRE BAY is a good example

Sorry, took me a while, haven’t touched PP7 for some time…

The issue is within your repeat of your DETAIL group.
The Iteration condition determine when to repeat.
The Condition to exit and overflow is use to determine when an overflow (meaning a new page usually similar to the current one but for the data) is needed to continue the repeat.

The repeat of DETAIL group of FrontPage need to be set as follow:

  • Iteration condition: = &currentiteration < 3
  • Condition to exit and overflow: false

Because you don’t want to overflow that page.

Now the repeat of DETAIL group of BackPage need to be set as follow:

  • Iteration condition: true
  • Condition to exit and overflow: = &iterationcount > 30

Because you want to overflow that page whenever you have more record that can be shown on that page. 30 is an approximation, I’ll let you figure out how much you can actually fit on the BackPage.

Hope that helps.


Thanks, this appears to have resolved the issue. I’m also a bit rusty with some aspects of PPS. This entire form would be easier with PPC, but we have not convinced them to update yet.