FTP Output Errors

PlanetPress Workflow Version 2021.2.1.3151

I’m trying to use an FTP Output step to transfer a pdf to a remote SFTP server. This is a branch in a process that is currently working, and this pdf is outputting correctly in a Send To Folder step in the main branch.

I have ensured that the credentials are correct, and that connections can be made on the selected port, but when trying in either active or passive mode I get the following error in the logs:

INFO : Connected.

INFO : Disconnected.

ERROR: W2101 : Connection failed: Connection Closed Gracefully.

INFO : File FTPPUT010HJHSNDYUJD0155D8D93.spl moved to error directory…

REQST: End time: 16:58:29

Additionally, I’ve set the filename to FOO_%O.pdf in the FTP Output step, but I can see the file it moves to \ftpPut is an .spl file with a different name. Is that a temporary step in the process, that will get resolved to FOO_{filename}.pdf when the file successfully sends, or do I have an issue here too?

I have received a response to a ticket I submitted regarding this issue.

For anyone else experiencing this issue:

you cannot use the FTP plug in to send to SFTP since they are not the same
there an SFTP plug in that you can use just need to donwload and install it

I’m not sure what the rules are for sharing links, but the needed SFTP plugin can be found in the ‘Plugins & Tools’ section of the resource center.

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Please note that, starting with Connect Workflow 2022.2, there are SFTP/FTPS input and output plugins built-in, so there is no need to download the one from the Resource Center.

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Adding some additional information for anyone else:

This plugin produced something along the lines of the following error in the workflow log, which after some searching seems to be caused by permission issues when sending from Windows to Linux:

[0003] exception: - Upload of file ‘FOO.pdf’ was successful, but error occurred while setting the permissions and/or timestamp.
[0003] Error while executing plugin: Error while executing plugin.
[0003] SFTP/FTPS Output: W1603 : Plugin failed

The file does successfully transfer, and the recipient is able to open the file on their end. In my case it doesn’t seem to be an issue, but I wanted to save someone else some stress when waiting for confirmation from the recipient.