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FTP Output (strange behavior connection mode)

Hey guys, long time no see!

I am trying to set-up a very simple process with the following steps:

Folder Capture (mask *.pdf)
Ftp Output (filename: o%)

Something strange is happening… If I set my connection mode as active, it sends the pdfs to specified location, but my pdfs are empty.

On the other hand, if passive, it sends the pdfs, and at first sight the look ok(by size), but if I`m trying to open one they seem to be broken.

Did anyone encountered this ?

Please see the attached screenshots.
Thank you,


Hi There,

I haven’t come across this before but I’d be interested to see what files have actually been captured by this process. Can you add a branch with a send to Folder, between the file capture and send to FTP plug in?

You can then compare the file in that folder to the source file and what ends up on the FTP site. If the file in the folder is corrupt or otherwise non functional we can rule out the file capture process. otherwise if the file in the folder is correct and the file on the FTP is failing then we can take a closer look at the FTP output plug in.


Alex Banahene

Hi Alex,

The files that are captured by this process are generated with PreS Connect.

I have added a branch and my files, are correct and can be opened, so the results are:

-Send to folder (works)- files can be opened, there’s nothing corrupt
-files in ftp dst folder(broken)- can`t be opened, empty or corrupt