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Gap between lines too big on small font-sizes


in a Connect Print Section I have text in a div box with numerous lines (font: Arial; font-size: 10pt). If I select my Text and change the font-size through the tool bar to 7pt, the gap between the lines is too big. If I increase the font-size to 10pt or higher the gap is ok.

If I set the font-size in a stylesheet, instead of inline (Text) the line-height is correct (gap between lines is as aspected).

Screenshot: line-height

That looks like a bug, isn`t it?


When applying the font size via the menu it is applied to the selected text not to the paragraph. The application wraps the selected text with a span element and applies the font-size property to it. In this case the line-height of the paragraph (or div element) is inherited and still in play. Admittedly not convenient in this scenario.

Ok, that should be fixed. It`s quite uncomfortable to change the line-height. If I´m right you have to be familiar with css to get around, because there is no formating option to set the line-height in the gui.

Hi Thomas,

There is, Format->Paragraph->Line Height


Thanks Sharne. But it`s not that simple. My Text is in a div box.
First I have to format my text (my text) to paragraph. In Format > Paragraph I can not use 1em (of course I can, but the result is not what I want).

For me its no problem but most of our customers are not familiar with html/css/javascript. They need a gui with all standard formatting options. Most of them dont want to work in paragraphs. Mostly they use boxes as overlay to a background-pdf (classic mailings).

Hi Thomas,

Yeah I agree with you regarding the paragraphs and their formatting. It can be a little tricky for those not wanting to go into Source or mess with CSS. Oh, and by the way I was referring to text in a DIV. When I went to my works head office a few weeks ago to train them I wrote out a cheat sheet for them for some of the basics. Not saying that this would help you, as I know you are well versed with the technologies that Connect uses. But I will leave this here anyway. Maybe OL can suggest better methods.

Paragraph Line Spacing:
Add a Positioned Box to your template that will contain your letter paragraphs. In the menu select Insert->Common Elements->Paragraph. Give the paragraph an ID e.g. p1. In Location select “At cursor position” and click ok. Replace “Paragraph content goes here” with your paragraph text. You will now be able to format the paragraph line spacing by going to file menu Format->Paragraph and changing the Line Height value.